012_sm.jpgThe executive director of Swaziland for Positive Living is on a mission to alter an impending catastrophe. "In a country with a shocking rate of HIV/AIDS, the women of Swaziland live a life with no rights, no say and no hope – until now. “Give me $3 million and two years, and I’ll mobilize every woman in Swaziland. We’ll turn this country around.” Thanks to Gisèle Guénard for sending this!


  1. Other than the astounding statistics reported in this story, the thing that resonated with me is the spirit with which Siphiwe Hlophe goes about working for change. She is joyful and embraces people while speaking out against oppressive practices. She speaks truth to power through unconditional love. That is the way we can enlighten and change our world, one person at a time.

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