Stethoscope2.jpgThe word that’s being tossed around with gay abandon in the news, and that seems to be causing so much concern, is PANDEMIC. So let’s get to the question; are we in a swine flu pandemic?

And the answer is definitely not…

In the United States, we have seen less than 100 cases of swine flu sofar, with no deaths and, for the most part, only mild symptoms. There are some indications that large numbers of people may have SOME built in resistance, which would keep the symptoms far milder as the body fights the flu. Giventhat scenario, this strain of swine flu is no different than regularflu in terms of mortality rates.

But, more importantly, the word pandemic doesn’t mean what most people seem to think it means. All a pandemic means is that a new infectious disease is spreading throughout the world. That’s it. Symptoms associated with a given pandemic can be mild… In fact,  it is quite possible to have a pandemic that kills very few people.


  1. Do not panic.
  2. Only wear a mask if you want to (it probably won’t do anything because flu is spread via direct contact.
  3. Do wash your hands with soap and water.
  4. Don’t rush to the hospital if you get the flu – only if symptoms get bad, like trouble breathing.
  5. And, finally, know that if you do need help, a hospital can provide the care you need.

(Read more from Baseline of Health Foundation, by Jon Barron)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jon’s foundation sells health products that he recommends. The Good News Network simply wants you to learn the facts and hear some of the good advice (rather than the scary scenarios offered by the mainstream media. (They can’t help themselves…)


  1. Thank you for a level headed article about this topic. Maybe if more people read this information we could all stay “grounded” while the “pandemic” occurs. Nothing will stop nature. It’s our job to remain calm and seek preventative measures.

  2. Such calming news with solid, practical advice! I’m going to see if I can email this to newspapers/tv stations, just to see if they have the guts (read: brains) to print or show it! Thanks again for keeping my world saner.

  3. I periodically have to stop watching and reading the news because it’s worse for my health than whatever updates it might provide to *protect* my health. The media is what it is, but I need a feedback loop that doesn’t want me dead – from murder, pestilence, terrorists, cancer, etc. I need this -open human dialog about being human, and brave enough to not just “soldier on” but to believe my death and my life, my pain and my happiness are all part of my big, beautiful life. Brave enough to keep right on being madly in love with the world – warts and all.

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