This “smart” t-shirt could be a huge breakthrough for people suffering from respiratory illnesses.

The light, comfortable shirt developed by researchers at the Université Laval monitors the wearer’s breathing through a tiny antenna in the center of the design. Simply by detecting the user’s motions, the shirt can record breathing patterns and send the data to a smart phone or computer.

The shirt can be used to diagnose or monitor anyone struggling with asthma, sleep apnea, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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“The T-shirt is really comfortable and doesn’t inhibit the subject’s natural movements,” says the technology’s lead developer professor Younes Messaddeq. “Our tests show that the data captured by the shirt is reliable, whether the user is lying down, sitting, standing, or moving around.”

You wouldn’t have to worry about it short-circuiting in the wash, either; the researchers tested the shirt’s durability by putting it through the wash – 20 different times. The antenna still proved resilient.

Though there is no clear release date for the technology, it seems fair to say that it is definitely one of the more stylish applications of medicine to date.

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