In a new campaign, an online lotto company in the UK tries to give away free money on the streets of cities like Newcastle, Edinburgh and Sheffield.

Many people keep walking as the GeoLotto representative approaches asking if they want some cash. “No catch,” he assures them. But they are either too busy or too wary.

To fulfill his mission to finally find someone who will accept the big prize in Newcastle, a woman tries to hurry past saying her mum was sick. When he heard that, the GeoLotto guy pushes extra hard to get her to take it. When Mrs. Neal finally opened the envelope, she found £1000 ($1500).cloverPhoto by Cohdra via Morguefile

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“I really can’t believe it. I’ve never won anything in my life,” said the woman, who wants to share it with her married son and mother. “I’m absolutely delighted.”

Others were just as thrilled to get a simple five pound note. It changes their whole day.

(WATCH the videos below)

It is fun to watch people breaking into grins and disbelief, but also interesting to see how many people will refuse to take money being waved in front of them by a friendly stranger.


  1. I wouldn’t take money from a lottery company, because that would be playing into their marketing campaign to show themselves as fun and benevolent, when in reality, what they do is take money from a lot of people (most of whom need that 5 pounds a lot more than I do), keep some for themselves, and give the rest back to a few people.

    I think GNN goofed in identifying these giveaway promos as “good news.”

  2. Your reasoning (which I can understand) reminds me of when people comment that I shouldn’t be showing any good news about Wal-mart because they don’t pay enough, or give health insurance to employees, etc.. Since the lottery company was being “fun and benevolent” during their giveaways, we consider it good news. . . Thanks!

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