Loving charity-Casey Baynes-TalkingGoodCasey Baynes understands on a very personal level that no child wants to feel like they’re different. At a young age, teachers told Casey that her dyslexia would make academics more difficult. Despite the obvious challenges that come with a learning disorder, Casey had very high expectations for herself and worked hard to reach and then exceed them. She received her Associate’s degree before graduating high school and went on to become Towson University’s youngest Master’s Degree recipient at age 20.

For a time, Casey worked for a children’s non-profit, but then left to help run her family’s business. Not finding the work fulfilling, she eventually left that position to follow her heart. She initially met with social workers at hospitals and parents of children fighting cancer, sickle cell disease, cystic fibrosis and other life-threatening illnesses to find out how she could lessen their stress and make a difference in their lives.

Through these experiences, the seeds for the Casey Cares Foundation were planted. Since 2000, the organization Casey created has supported critically ill children and their families by providing uplifting programs with a personal touch. They may not be able to cure illnesses, but they help people manage these awful experiences in compassionate and creative ways. The Foundation offers to lend emotional, financial and moral support to parents and kids during these tough times. So despite the challenges of facing illness, Casey’s “C’mon, you can do it!” encourages kids and families to be brave, as it’s one of the main ways she’s learned to believe in herself in the past.

“Not only do I believe I should try to help all seriously-ill children by providing them with a happier outlook, but I try to lead by example so my kids can start to get a sense of giving to others,” says Casey.

Although she doesn’t do it for the recognition, Casey is most certainly being recognized for the impact she has had in this area. In the last five years she received among other awards the “Ravens Community Quarterback Award”, “Bravo! Entrepreneur Award” from Smart Woman Magazine, and she was named by Kraft to be one of “100 Extraordinary Women” nationally.


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