terrafugia.jpgHistory was made this month when a flying car, called the Terrafugia Transition, lifted off the runway for the first time in New York. The Transition is the first “roadable airplane” that is completely self-contained on highways — previous attempts at flying cars required the wings or other components to be trailered on the ground.

At a March 19 press conference, Chief Test Pilot Phil Meteer discussed how the airplane switches to road mode in just 30 seconds as the wings fold in the middle and bend upward at the root, collapsing up next to the fuselage behind the two-person cockpit.

(Full article at Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association)

(Thanks to Bob Miller for the story tip) 

Watch the video demonstration below and visit Terrafugia’s website to learn how you can prepay a deposit of $10,000 toward your very own flying car — with a sticker price of $194,000.



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