There are not many things that are more endearing than the sound of a baby’s laugh – except for maybe four babies laughing.

Back in the early 2000s, a video of a happy mother cuddling with her quadruplet children became a $250,000 prize-winning clip on the “America’s Funniest Home Videos” television show.

Why did it win? Because as the father is filming is family, he occasionally makes a silly noise to make his kids laugh – and they have the most infectiously delightful giggles.

For a solid minute and a half, these infants can’t stop grinning, chuckling, and laughing in total syncopation.

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“People are still delighted with that video,” the mother, Allison Mathias, told Huff Post.

“I think it’s just one of those videos you can’t not laugh at,” adds dad Steve. “There’s something about the syncopation of them stopping and starting laughing. It’s just the contagious type laugh.”

The infants in the video, Grace, Emily, Mary Claire, and Anna, are now all grown up as 17-year-old high schoolers. Though their faces are still identical, they reportedly all have their own unique interests and personalities.

“My hopes for the girls in the future are that they become the young ladies that God wants them to be, that they follow His plans for their future,” says their mom. “There are big things out there for them. I’m just excited to see what it is.”

(WATCH the original video below)

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