Whether it was divine intervention or just a serendipitous signal from the sky, an anxious Chinese college student was given the perfect sign of encouragement earlier this month.

The student had been studying for her exams in Shaoguan, Guangdong when she saw a cloud that was shaped like a thumbs up.

“I had been feeling very low, and after I saw the cloud I became much happier,” the student told Chinese video platform Pear. “I was so excited.”

Since the unidentified student shared the photo to social media, it has been shared thousands of times.

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The cloud’s similarity to a social media “Like” button prompted one user to say: “You photographed the ‘Like’ cloud, so it means you will do well on your exam!”

Another enthusiastic commenter said: “Even the universe is encouraging you!”

A third Weibo user, who is also a university candidate, said: “I feel confident about my exam too after seeing the pictures.”

Perhaps the cloud’s formation was just a sweet coincidence, but it has apparently done a fine job of encouraging internet users to do their best.

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