FreeTeaPartydotorgA sign that read “Free Tea” convinced a pair of college students to climb inside the small school bus painted white.

Thirty-year-old Colorado College graduate Guisepi Spadafora has been serving free tea out of his bus (named Edna Lu) for five and a half years.

He says the project was an accident, but his desire for “genuine interaction” among people caused him to start serving tea.

Throughout the day, guests not only included students, but also alumni, and the college’s facility and staff.

Spadafora says, “People shared stories, jokes, wisdom, and in a moment when there wasn’t more than one guest on board I became a listening ear to a heartbreak story.”

His website,, boasts 21,621 cups of free tea served as he wanders the West and North West United States.

Thanks to Julia Frerichs, LMT for submitting the link! – Photo from FreeTeaParty, old friend stops by

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