So glad we made it!

It is now 20 years since I first clicked the button to launch the world’s first positive news web page.  You can see the old Apple Power Mac I used to create the site (above), and our three children who watched me grow the business over two decades, as I watched them grow to be 26, 24, and 22 years old.

The photo was taken by Women’s World magazine, which provided my first press coverage two months after my launch.

The homepage looked a lot different back then. Here is a snapshot of it, as I first built it using html software.

I knew the media, not known for good news coverage, actually did produce positive articles and videos, but it was scattered and hard to find. My idea was to put it all in one place — sort of like a “Good Google”, except there was no Google back then, nor Youtube, nor even a blog. I was surely a pioneer.

Today, the media networks know that “good news sells”, which is what I wanted to prove setting out—at least on social media, where Shares of awe-inspiring stories earn some of the highest numbers. has some big plans for the coming year, and we are excited to unveil them, as early as November, so stay tuned! If you’d like to donate to our mission for the next 20 years, please become a Member of GNN or send us some LOVE on Paypal, where you can use our email address – [email protected] to make a donation. You can also sign up for our Daily Jolt of Good News, or the Weekly Top 10 newsletter to brighten your inbox.

Thank you for your support over the years. Without YOU there would be no reason for me to do any of this. Together, we are changing the world one headline at a time—and we passed a milestone recently posting our 18,000th story!

Geri Weis-Corbley, Founder and Editor-in-Chief


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