clouds-sun1.jpgThe European branch of the world’s largest car maker, Toyota, became one of six companies to join the Climate Neutral Network (CN Net), a United Nations Environment Program initiative bringing together organizations which pledge to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“The participation of a major company like Toyota is a sign that private companies are increasingly playing their part on the road to a low-carbon society,” said Angela Cropper, the Deputy Executive Director of UNEP. Toyota has sold more than 1.5 million hybrid cars worldwide.

Toyota Motor Europe is the first auto maker to join CN Net, a web-based network pooling the resources of governments, local authorities, private companies and individuals to make large cuts to their carbon footprints or even neutralize them.

Along with the five other companies which joined the CN Net on August 18 – the Carbon Association of Australasia, CO2focus (Norway), EcoSecurities (UK), Green Cabs (New Zealand), and Wairau River Wines (New Zealand) – Toyota Motor Europe will share ideas and best practice with the rest of the growing CN Net community for lowering their impact on the  environment.

Photo courtesy of Sun Star

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