reefs.jpgAustralian scientists have discovered hundreds of new types of coral and marine species during an expedition off the Great Barrier reef. Three expeditions to the barrier reefs over four years have discovered 300 soft corals of which 130 are new species, the discoveries will help scientists understand more about global warming and overfishing.


  1. I just signed up for a subscription and wanted to watch a video and one came up about the descruction of a militant’s hideout. i’m very upset because I had my defenses down and was expecting good news. What’s up??

  2. So-orry!!

    I fixed it — thanks to you for alerting me to the problem. I had the wrong code pasted in there, but I found the correct sequence and pasted it in, so please enjoy the new Marine species discoveries!

    Yikes, that would be a shock to see what you saw… Apologies.

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