Rekindling an appreciation for the good things in life
“making a huge difference”

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your time and energy. Like many people, I have become so discouraged by the mainstream media’s bent towards bad news and the seemingly voracious appetite that drives it.

At first, I will admit, that your news articles weren’t that interesting to me! Often, I’ve found myself skimming the articles, thinking “so what?!” But I believe this reaction is just from the desensitization that occurs with sensational news in the mainstream media. So I decided to continue receiving your RSS feed and guess what? Your daily stories have allowed me to rekindle a certain appreciate for the good things in life. The truth is, I was passing up a lot of good things in my life without realizing it. They just don’t reach out and bite you on the butt like bad events do. But they are everywhere, just waiting to be noticed!

Please keep doing what you’re doing. It is making a huge difference in the way I see my world.

Trey Aubrey
April 11, 2006

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