ad-on-website-shows-cheeseburgerI wanted to let Good News Network viewers know that I am trying to maintain a ban on auto-playing video ads sitewide. Nothing annoys me more than having sudden blaring sound coming from my speakers when I hadn’t clicked on anything to cause it.

I fired a small ad agency recently after they could not keep these obnoxious ads away from our ad space. On November 4, I hired a new bigger agency that reported they do not allow such ads.

However, we need your help to keep the website ‘auto-play’ free by alerting us IF YOU EVER experience this on our website. Please use the Comments form below if you are logged-in. Or, type your message here on the Contact Us form (You can find “Contact Us” link at the bottom of any GNN page).

PLEASE try to note who the advertiser was — meaning, which product or service — and tell us which browser and device you were using.

(I sometimes hear a video ad play, but I think it is a Google ad following me around, because I only hear it in Chrome. What’s your experience been if you use Chrome?)


P.S. If you were wondering, we use the advertising funds to pay for the IT services needed to maintain the site and improve it — and to pay my modest salary.

– Geri Weis-Corbley, Founder, Managing Editor


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