The Christian Science Monitor reports: "This week’s announcement that two teams have genetically reprogrammed skin cells so that they take on the traits of embryonic stem cells suggests it will be possible for scientists to advance stem-cell research without the ethical and political difficulties of harvesting them from unused human embryos. "This is enormous," says Jesse Reynolds, a policy analyst at the liberal Center for Genetics and Society. "I can’t think of another development "that has been this big.""


  1. Genes programmable
    They now say genes are seventy five percent programmable by the enironment, body chemistry, drugs and attitude. Attitude is getting credit for a lot of things these days and similarly stress is proving to be the cause, up to 80 percent now. I fully expect the percentage to go up and new cures to rise soon also. I certainly am having success by just switching from judgmental words to despcriptive positive ones. Word change seems to do more than visualizations and the like alone. It also connects you with your genius and compassion in the package. Science has said that genius is doable for all now. Even Einstein said that he wasn’t a genius, but that he used his intuition and then the answers were so easy that it was embarassing. I think he said, sometimes. I’m sure his background knowledge was a factor also. I find that the intuition or spirit also tells me who to ask if I don’t know. I’m not sure about the details, only that it works.

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