blues-brothers.jpgIn recent months the Vatican has attempted to embrace popular culture by praising The Beatles and also The Simpsons, while in a U-turn last year it also praised Harry Potter after previously slamming it for its plot lines of wizardry.

Now, the Vatican has sung the praises of Hollywood epic The Blues Brothers – devoting a whole page of its newspaper to the 30-year-old cult musical comedy.

L’Osservatore said the 1980 film was a ‘Catholic classic’ and added it was ‘memorable’ and ‘incredible’ and should be recommended viewing for Catholics everywhere.

It  pointed to how the brothers, Jake and Elwood, try to save the orphanage where they grew up ‘without departing (too much) from the values conveyed by the sisters’ there.

(Read the story in the UK Daily Mail)


  1. I love this. We attended a local fundraiser this week, “Legend Aid”, for the Sudbury Food Bank. We have an amazingly talented tribute band , Bluez Brotherz Showband and Revue – catch them at Sudbury Blues for Food this weekend. I will send them this great article. The event raised $30,000 in cash !

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