Vermont trail, photo by threeseamonsters on Flickr-CCAfter flooding ripped apart roads (now under construction) near Killington, Vermont, townspeople have marshaled their resources, taking a quiet half-mile trail over a mountain and in two weeks’ time turning it into the I-95 of wooded paths.

“More than a 1,000 people a day now walk it to get to their jobs and go food shopping on the other side.” School children were able to reach their buses for the first day of school.

“Porta-Pottys donated by A1 Sewer have been placed at each end and six golf carts from Green Mountain National Golf Course transport the elderly and infirm.”

All-terrain vehicles donated from local business patrol the path for safety, and snacks and drinks are offered by volunteers.

(READ the story in the New York Times)

Thanks to Barry Stevens for sending the link.

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