When Cody Nichols discovered that someone had stolen several thousand dollars worth of equipment from his veteran-run landscaping business, he feared the worst for his employees.

The former Marine had started a company called Our Troops Services so he could hire fellow vets who were having trouble adjusting to civilian life. He and his employees normally work on fences, construction, and lawn care in Tulsa, Oklahoma – but their work came to a halt back in May when someone robbed them of their equipment.

The crew tried to fulfill their lawn contracts by using push mowers on acres and acres worth of greenery, but they soon fell behind on the work.

Little did they know, a nonprofit called Soldier’s Wish had heard about their predicament and had already begun rallying people to assist the small business.

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“People came out of the woodwork wanting to help,” one of the charity’s workers told Tulsa World. “We were able to raise the money to replace everything.”

Within weeks of the theft, when Nichols was saying that he was “just barely hanging in”, the charity surprised him and his workers with $15,000 worth of shiny new equipment.

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“You really saved us,” Nichols told the charity, according to Tulsa World. “I really thought our company was going to die.”

As a means of making up for his employees’ lost income, Nichols started a GoFundMe page which has already raised over $7,000 in donations.

(WATCH the interview with Nichols below)

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