soldier with dog partnerOn this Memorial Day, here is a heart-warming story about a Marine who vowed to take care of his partner if they each escaped Afghanistan alive. Marine Sgt. Ross Gundlach made that promise to a canine bomb-sniffing dog, a loving co-worker he felt especially indebted to.

Now living in Madison, Wis., Gundlach been trying to adopt 4-year-old Casey. He learned she had finished her military service but now worked for the Iowa State Fire Marshal’s Office sniffing out explosives.

Ross’s persistent pleading with State Fire Marshal Ray Reynolds made an impression.

First Reynolds got in touch with the Iowa Elk’s Association, which agreed to donate $8,500 to buy another dog for the agency.

Then, he concocted a story to get the sergeant to travel down from Wisconsin.

The 25-year-old thought he was traveling on May 17 to personally plead his case to state officials. Instead, an elaborate ceremony was being planned for the capital building’s rotunda room to surprise him with the dog.

(WATCH the video below, or READ an article from Fox News)

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