What was once an empty lot between two Las Vegas casinos is now a lush, thriving garden for city residents to heal and seek sanctuary – and it was erected in only four days.

The Las Vegas Healing Garden was opened to the public on Friday after a team of dedicated volunteers spent the week planting greenery and paving walkways for the finished product. The oasis now features a “Remembrance Wall” with 58 smiling photos of the Las Vegas shooting victims and a “Tree of Life”: a massive oak tree that stands in the middle of the garden.

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The garden, which was spearheaded by landscape designer Jay Pleggenkuhle of Stonerose Landscapes, was originally only intended to be a popup project for residents to find asylum – but after requesting a space from the city of Las Vegas, officials agreed that they wanted something more permanent.

Organizers managed to raise over $300,000 in donations for the construction costs. Pleggenkuhle received dozens of flower and shrubbery donations from local nurseries, all of which were planted by hundreds of volunteers during the following days.

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Since it has opened, the community has agreed that it has become an invaluable place of refuge.

“The cool thing about the park is it’s being built completely by donations and volunteer efforts,” Pleggenkuhle told DTLV. “The main point of the park wasn’t so much the end result but bringing people together for something positive.”

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