special needs child family photoTwo families seated in neighboring booths at a Texas restaurant produced a situation ending with neighborly support for a special needs child.

After the waiter took an emotional stand for one of the families, support is flowing in from all over, thanking the waiter and the restaurant called Laurenzo’s near Houston.

(WATCH the video below – READ the KTRK story at ABC News)


  1. A viewer, Boomer Bud, asked me to post this as a comment for him:

    I’m a disabled vet and have been honored by many for what I did in the Air Force.

    But the real heroes are those like Michael Garcia; here’s a man in the front lines of life defending the honor of those around him.

    Because this other group denied the proper respect for this blessed family Michael denied them the service they expected.

    It is my privilege to read about such an event and to know that just being in the presence of Michael means he would have my back.

    The group that disrespected this young family made a huge mistake; they made an even bigger one if they did not learn anything from Michael’s example.

    Thank You Michael Garcia…you’re good in my book as well!


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