Clara Leigh-Wong, a crisis counselor and flight attendant in Canada, experienced the joy of being the recipient of an honest deed from a kind stranger.

Clara and her neighbor Adam were walking their dogs in the suburban area of New Westminster, British Columbia. Upon returning home, the 31-year-old realized her green wallet was no where in sight.

After scouring the neighborhood, Clara was unable to locate her wallet. Upset, she began the process of replacing the lost contents. However, with the recommendation of her neighbor Adam, Clara makes a call to the neighborhood’s police department to report the missing wallet.

The next day while Clara was teaching a class, she received a phone call from the police stating that her wallet has been returned with all its contents included. When asked who the kind Samaritan was, he said that she preferred to remain anonymous.

Clara was looking forward to thanking the anonymous lady in person. However, if that isn’t possible, she is hoping that this story would be published in hopes that the woman who found and returned the wallet will recognize this story and know that she is being appreciated for her upstanding act.

“Thank you for returning my wallet!”

Photo by Sameer Vasta (CC license)

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