Fresh produce on shelf, "Locally Grown"Teaming up with Michelle Obama, the discount giant is moving into neighborhoods where there are no grocery stores. Altruism or savvy business move? A little of both.

Walmart announced this week that it will open up to 300 new locations over the next five years in food deserts across the country. These locations, along with the 218 stores in food deserts that Walmart has opened over the past four years, will serve 1.3 million people–many of whom have no other option for fresh produce and unprocessed foods other than Walmart.

“By opening stores where customers need them most, Walmart will help build healthier families and stronger communities.”

“We believe every single person should have access to an abundant selection of fresh fruits and vegetables at an affordable price,” said Leslie Dach, executive vice president of corporate affairs at Walmart, in a statement.”

(READ the full story in Fast Company)

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