Dogs may be man’s best friend, but these two pups are clearly going to be close companions after this ordeal.

Smokey and Remus were playing in the backyard of their owner’s home in Mesa, Arizona last month when their shenanigans got a little too “rambunctious” and Smokey fell into the pool.

The security camera footage that captured the incident shows Smokey attempting to crawl back up from the pool onto dry land. When he can’t seem to get out of the water, he starts to get visibly more distressed.

Eager to help his friend, Remus tries to direct his friend towards the pool steps. After a few unsuccessful attempts, he simply decides to take the plunge and jump into the pool so he can give Smokey the boost that he needs to get a grip on the pool ledge and pull himself out.

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Once they both crawl out of the pool and back to safety, Remus’s owner Laurie Becerra says that she found the dogs and was curious as to why they were wet. She then reviewed security footage and was moved by her pup’s valiant rescue of Smokey, who is her daughter’s pet dog.

Becerra posted the video to social media, saying “Remus may be a crazy pup but he’s got a heart of gold!!”

She also added that her husband had only stepped inside for a few minutes when Smokey fell into the pool. Not only that, the dogs have played in the backyard dozens of times without any incident.

(WATCH the video below)

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