Even though this city is a bustling hub of activity and business, everyone seems to slow down a bit when surrounded by the sound of music.

The two-week outdoor Pianos For Peace art exhibit placed 29 different pianos around Atlanta, Georgia for its people to play.

The gorgeously painted instruments serenaded about half a million visitors and residents during their time on display in September.

WATCHListen To This Concrete Organ Played By The Ocean

Once the pianos were finished with the display, they were donated to schools, hospitals, and nursing homes so the Pianos For Peace volunteers can make artistic education accessible to all.

Malek Jandali, the German-born Syrian-American concert pianist, created the nonprofit as a means of building peace through music.

“Through the volunteer service of dedicated artists, musicians, painters, filmmakers, students and more – Pianos for Peace transforms lives by bringing the soft power of music and the arts to those who need it most,” says the organization’s website. “Music unites people and by actively involving people in music, together we can make for a more peaceful community.”

(WATCH the video below)


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