This 7-year-old boy may never get to fulfill his lifelong dream of going to outer space – but instead, he was given the next best thing.

Zayden Carter was diagnosed with congenital heart disease when he was just 2 days old. His condition, however, has never kept him from dreaming big.

Zayden expressed to his parents that he wanted to go to Saturn and see some little green aliens. His parents then got in touch with the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Georgia about how they could try and make his wish come true.

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The foundation organized a special “trip through space” and – for the first time ever – used virtual reality to make a wish come true.

The trip took place aboard the “Spaceship Zayden”; past Zayden’s house on Earth, past the moon, until finally, they arrived on Saturn.

The 7-year-old got to say hi to some friendly extraterrestrials before getting back on the ship and heading home. The first thing he said when he landed back on Earth: “So when can we do that again?”

(WATCH the video below)


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