brown bear cc Tambako The Jaguar

Ah, there’s nothing like a good roll down a hill. It’s the favorite pastime of many a young person.

In this incredible video, onlookers were amazed to see a wild bear do the same thing– rolling over, and over, and over…down a huge hill.

The chances of seeing a bear, at all, in Alaska’s Denali National Park are slim, so these camera-happy visitors were thrilled.

(WATCH the video below for a good chuckle) Photo by Tambako The Jaguar, CC)

Animals looking like children… Pass it on!


  1. Animals play too. Wolves play like dogs. Even the adult ones. I think we’ve all seen the videos of Foxes jumping on trampolines or that coyote in Los Angeles that steals dog toys. Horses play with balls. Out in the wild, animals play. It’s just that humans rarely see it.

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