bikes in Great Waterfront Trail Adventure-GOH IROMOTO216 touring cyclists helped launch the expansion of Canada’s Waterfront Trail that adds a second Great Lake, Lake Erie, to the now 1400 kilometer bike trail.

The original Waterfront Trail stretched 720km along the Canadian shores of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, connecting 41 communities and over 182 parks and natural features.

Last week the trail expanded westward along Lake Erie to Windsor, adding 27 new waterfront communities to the signed, mostly on-road route.

By almost doubling the amount of Ontario’s waterfront available to touring cyclists and with a big city like Windsor anchoring it on one end, the local officials hope the Trail will become a hotbed for tourism.

Waterfront Trail in Canada mapThe annual Great Waterfront Trail Adventure, which for the first time included the Lake Erie section, ended Saturday after a seven day bike ride that brought riders in touch with the many cultural and natural gifts of the Ontario waterfront.

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Photo credit: GOH IROMOTO, for Great Waterfront Trail Adventure

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