obama-letter.jpgThree Weeks ago I suggested to my husband that he write a personal letter to the President of the United States. He (Mike) looked at me as if I had lost my mind. I had not though.

A few days passed and he mentioned that he had in fact written the letter. He shared with President Obama some personal and encouraging insights. Some were about how the present economy had affected our household and how it similarly had affected millions of other Americans. The letter brought tears to my eyes.

Mike’s writings are very powerful and inspiring. I had read, or seen, that although the White House gets over 40,000 a day, President Obama reads 10 letters a week from regular Americans. I told Mike we had to ‘Believe”.

The next thing we knew there was a letter in our mailbox from the White House! The President actually read his letter and said that it meant a lot. He thanked Mike for the inspiring letter.

We could not believe it. No matter who a person voted for, this had to be respected. President Obama was preparing for his first trip overseas to meet other World leaders. Not to mention the million other things he has on his plate. Yet he takes the time to write, personally, to an average American family. He truly is the people’s President. It was not a form letter or something typed and handed to him to sign. It was a personal note of thanks.

Mike’s own life is a story is an example for the world. Never have I seen one man go through so much. He was taken from his home at nine, and placed into a state mental hospital. 17 years of his life were spent away from society. He overcame severe mental health issues to rebuild his life.

Today he mentors troubled teens, inspiring them with the belief that anything can happen. Now he has the perfect example: He helped to inspire the President of the United States. (Maybe the kids will listen and believe that anything really is possible.)

Since first making it public, that our President took the time to personally respond to an average American family, we have been offered thousands for both letters. Mike said no offer would be as valuable, and then went to work as a part time cook and dishwasher, making $9.00 an hour.

These hard times have brought families closer. We are a great country and will overcome all our issues.

The letter from President Obama gives important insight into what role the President plays in the United States. The world should know that a common American family can bend the ear of the most powerful man in the world.

He never had to write back. This will inspire others to also reach out and continue to believe that their thoughts sent will be heard too. Only good comes from something so positive. We are proud to have helped inspire our President!

Mike volunteers with the Marathon County Restorative Justice Program.


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