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A pair of waitresses at a New York City steak house have proof that good service pays off.

Billed as the world’s wealthiest Asian-art collector, Robert “King of Ming” Ellsworth, left his two favorite waitresses a plateful of money in his will – a final $50,000 tip, to be exact.


Waiter Gets A Beyond-Generous Tip to Pay for Dental Surgery


Though Ellsworth was a regular customer for decades, the 85-year-old didn’t know the last names of Donohue-Peters and her 28-year-old niece. So in his will, he simply referred to them as “Maureen at Donohue’s” and “Maureen-at-Donohue’s Niece Maureen.”

The money shocked them both.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” Donohue-Peters, 53, told the New York Post. “Ellsworth was more than just a customer.”

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