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Outdoor athletes looking for a breath of fresh air might soon find it more easily with the help of a new tracking device.

Spec Sensors, a small startup company, is working at designing a pollution sensor small enough to fit in a wearable. The sensor would measure levels of carbon monoxide and other harmful gases, enabling a runner or cyclist to determine whether they’ll be able to enjoy outdoor activity without getting all choked up.

The sensors also have medical applications for people with Asthma or other breathing difficulties.asthma-CC- Kathryn Doran-thumbs-up

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Developers are working at reducing the size of the sensors, as well as developing an app. The American company is seeking funding in Asia.

Aside from measuring air quality, Spec Sensor says its product can detect formaldehyde, so it could also be used to determine a person’s alcohol level. The sensors  can even tell if you have bad breath.

(READ more at the South China Morning Post)  – Photo: Ed Yourdon, CC

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