Athens skyline, Photo by Rob and Lisa Meehan -CCWith all the disheartening news bombarding the Greek people over the past year, a new website has been launched to offer some relief.

Good News Greece purports to be the first news agency to highlight the positive side of what is happening in Greece.

“Our goal is to showcase every person, team, idea, technology or innovation that deserves to be an example for the Greece of the future,” says lead editor Dimitris Polymenopoulos.

News stories this week include: 8 Greeks named in Time’s 100 Most Influential People, the arrest of a smuggling gang intent on sending drugs to the 2012 Olympics, and teams of Greek scientists proposing solutions for cell obesity and the use of fiber optic lasers in cancer treatment.

The website’s inspiring Bravo page features random acts of kindness and Grecian citizens who are “Paying it Forward“.

Follow the good news from Greece on their English website:

Photo of Athens by Rob and Lisa Meehan – CC

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