Until the day when we no longer need liquid fuel: "Scientists say a new generation of biofuel sources could yield cheap energy supplies that do not compete with food crops." Enter, the weed crop. (Reuters)


  1. Very cool idea! I live in Corn country & we have many bio fuel plants here in South Dakota. But with the increase in ethanol plants has come the high price of corn. Its good for the farmer growing the corn, but not for the cattleman or feed lot producers who are raising livestock that need the corn. Let alone all the people who have bought corn furnaces to heat their homes. Add to this the problem with the high consumption of water for ethanol plants which are taking up a far more precious resource – water than our region can sustain. Scientists need to get more support from Law Makers & tax payers so that funding is made available to find true solutions, not bandaids like ethanol.

    Why not wind power? Its clean & there is plenty of it all across the plains. Yet large cities dont seem to see the investment as worth it. Yet they should. Wind farms as just as viable as field crops & may produce far longer than any plant the energy we need.

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