15 Year logoFifteen years ago on Labor Day weekend I clicked the button for the first time that uploaded the Good News Network website, allowing anyone in the world to see it on the internet. I’ll never forget the thrill I felt as a simple click opened my voice to the world.

At that time, Google had not been invented. There was no YouTube, no social media networks. There was not a single blog.

“Good News” soon came to mean much more to me than aggregating stories from around the world, or publishing my own metaphysical essays, like “The Mist on the Lake is Like our own Consciousness.”

Focusing on good news became a philosophy for my life, a way to ‘temper’ my temperament. I came to realize how important it was to focus on the good in my children, rather than pointing out their mistakes.

To mark the website’s 15th anniversary, I am launching a contest called, “What ‘Good News’ Means to Me”.

I’ve got some SUPER life-enhancing prizes to award for my favorite entries. Two of the celebrities donating items (Carol and Francis) are professionals I have worked with who initiated wonderful breakthroughs during their personal sessions with me. Their talents, as well as Darin’s coaching, could help anyone to find their purpose in life, or find clarity and meaning in the more troubled areas of their lives. (Like the mist on the lake finds sunlight.)

To win, just write a few paragraphs or a short story about how the Good News Network contributes to your own philosophy of life or, more generally, what “good news” means to you. It ends SOON — on Friday, September 7 at midnight — so get your entries in right away!

Winners Can Choose From Among These Gifts:

• Personalized Astrological Natal Chart by Francis Dunnery

I Believe I can change my world-teeNo ordinary Astrologer, Francis Dunnery is a renown singer/songwriter/guitarist and a true intuitive who supports people to reach for their deepest potential. His 12-15 page Astrological reports are often dotted with the myths of Jungian psychology, but full of common sense insights that can alter the course of anyone’s life for the better. (You can order your own report, or schedule a personal telephone consultation at francisdunnery.com.) Hear his anthem, I Believe I Can Change My World, on YouTube.

• (7) One-Hour Coaching Sessions with R. Darin Hollingsworth

Darin  Hollingsworth under waterfallUse these 7 one-hour sessions to launch a transformational journey that explores your goals, passions, possibilities, and intentions. Darin Hollingsworth, of Odonata Coaching & Consulting, is passionate about helping individuals to exceed their potential through work based on gratitude, accountability & encouragement. Clients transform their lives to attract to themselves the things they want most as Darin shares “a new language” of gratitude, intention, presence, possibility and change. (OdonataCoaching.com)

• Numerology Life Chart by author Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.

carol-adrienneCarol Adrienne offers this 25-page numerology Primary Life Chart, a personal profile based on analyzing your birth name and birthdate. This detailed chart describes your over-all life purpose—including your most important personality strengths, career path and destiny, life lessons, and major life turning points— and includes a month- by-month forecast for 2013. Adrienne is an internationally-known author, numerologist, and life coach. Her books, including the Oprah-hailed “Purpose of Your Life: Finding Your Place in the World Using Synchronicity, Intuition, and Uncommon Sense” is a must-read best-seller. (Get free numerology weekly messages at CarolAdrienne.com.

• Handmade Artisan’s Ceramic Pottery Piececeramics Lola Arts

Lola Arts offers this classic round ceramic butter dish. Lola Arts, a small one woman business in Portland, Maine, specializes in functional pottery that is simple in design, light in weight, and a colorful addition to your home. (www.LolaArts.com)


Email your stories to Geri (or post in comments section below). These entries must NOT be more than 500 words. Your stories may be reprinted on the Good News Network and your name and email address is required to receive your gift. I look forward to hearing your interpretation of good news!

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