Judging by her impressive sneaking skills, Tasha the dog could give the Pink Panther a run for his money.

Unfortunately, her pointy ears foiled her attempt to hide from her owners.

In a cute video that was uploaded by Kelly Davenport Jackson from Rossford, Ohio, the humans can be seen opening their sliding door so they can call Tasha inside from her outdoor romp.

At first glance, it seems that Tasha is nowhere to be found. The second that they close the door, however, the wary canine immediately pokes her head out from her hiding spot behind a flowerpot in the driveway.

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The Davenports open the door to call her again and she immediately recedes back into hiding.

As Tasha’s owners repeat this process several times, they can hardly contain their laughter.

The pup’s attempt at secrecy is eventually foiled when her pointy ears betray her position to the camera – and the Davenports still couldn’t stop laughing.

Since the video was uploaded last year, it has been viewed over 40 million times.

(WATCH the amusing video below)

Be Sure And Share The Pawesomely Hilarious Clip With Your FriendsPhoto by Kelly Davenport Jackson

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