whole-foods.jpg“Paper or plastic?” will be a question of the past at Whole Foods, a leading natural foods retailer. The market has decided to forgo plastic grocery bags, eliminating that option from its checkout lines. Recycled paper bags will still be offered for free while plastic bags made from recycled bottles will be sold for 99 cents alongside reusable bags for $6.95. The option they are promoting on their website is to Bring Your Own bag (BYOB)!

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  1. Boy that is good news, I hope other stores follow them. I remember seeing the movie Blade Runner a number of years ago, which was kind of a dismal view of the future, and I remember noting that as dismal as the scenes were there were no plastic bags blowing around, and I thought well hey, at least they cured that problem. Hopefully Whole Foods and others will cure other issues we have as well. Trader Joe’s offers plastic or paper, so that is good as well. OK thanks Geri, Ed Smith http://www.brightmoment.com

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