Racial stereotyping is harmful to everyone, especially our children.

That’s why 100 black men dressed in suits lined the sidewalks last week whooping and hollering as inner-city kids boarded the bus to start another school year.

Martin Luther King Elementary School children in Hartford, Connecticut were high-fived and cheered by doctors, lawyers, police officers, surgeons, and small business owners who gathered together to reinforce positive role model images of black professionals.Multiracial Hands Making a Circle

South Carolina Teens Fight Racist Vandalism With A Positive Message

The men who organized the event, DeVaughn Ward and Pastor Al Johnson created a Facebook page titled “Calling All Brothers” where black men could tag their friends asking them to come. The page gathered momentum until there were 100 sharp-looking men ready to cheer urban children on their way to learn.


“In an urban community, people say that black men [aren’t] valued or there aren’t enough black men doing something,” Johnson told A Plus in a phone interview. “I wanted to prove everyone wrong.”

The event has already been flooding social media and news outlets, with an opportunity to change people’s perspectives for the better.

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