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These aren’t your father’s pinup girls.

Actually, maybe they are.

This 2015 calendar, called Pleasant View, Pleasant Point is stocked with photos of lovely ladies like Dottie Rutter, pictured enjoying a bubble bath and chocolates, with lingerie close at hand. At 87 years old, she’s the youngest of all the Pleasant Point models.

Earlier this month, she and several other residents at the nursing home just outside of Akron, Ohio got together and decided to strip down to their skivvies in the name of charity—and fun.


“I had a lot of fun doing it, something to make everybody laugh and everybody happy. I enjoyed it very much,” Velda Vogt, a resident of Pleasant Pointe Assisted Living, told Fox 8 Cleveland.

The calendars sell for $12 and all proceeds will be donated to the Magic City Kiwanis Esther Ryan Shoe Fund, an organization that helps provide shoes for children in need.Charles Eugste-95yo-bodybuilder-FBphoto

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Other seniors who participated said they found the experience “exhilarating” and it helped them feel young again.

“I was October, and I’m 90; I’ll be 91 in May,” Regina Genet, a resident at the Barberton facility, told Fox 8.

“It seems like everything we do is involving around being old and everything…This just made me feel, ‘Oh, here I am young, having a good time, and I don’t care about anything else.’”

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