deer-in-house.jpgBaby the wild deer has adopted a family in Michigan, coming and going as she pleases, stepping inside their kitchen to feast on goat milk and other snacks.

The couple found the fawn in the woods, abandoned by her mother and since they were already wildlife rehabilitators, they decided to take her in.

Video below, from  WSJV, may take a moment to load:


  1. Wonderful story. My husband doesn’t hunt. One day he found a fawn that the mother put in our fence line next to our two outside dogs, knowing they couldn’t hurt her to keep her safe. My husband investigated why the dogs were fussing and he picked up the fawn and took it in the house. He called me and I told him to put the fawn back. He waited till I got home and we took her back to the fence line and set her down and she screamed in anger and walked toward the woods where her mother was, swishing her tail and looking at us like we bothered her Ha Ha. Anyway my husband showed me a picture he took and printed with the words My First Deer. I had to laugh because he would never kill one. They are very beautiful to watch in our backyard.

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