“Good News Network is an amazing find for me. I stopped watching the news on TV, listening to the radio, and discontinued my donations to Public Radio last year because of the explosive and exploited media that was generated throughout all the stations. It is really dumbing us down.

I have traveled to 37 countries and experienced the lives of many cultures and find that we all want happiness, basic respect and want to proud of where we live. The media has created such divisions within our countries to the point where educated people have biases with not an ounce of true experiences, knowledge, or reason. Often times when I return from my travels, friends, acquaintances, and family ask me: ‘Is it dangerous over there? Did you feel afraid that your life was in danger?’ Why do we assume that any place has different values than the place we live or that someone out of our inner circle is a threat? People need to get out of their bubble and explore new place and build new relationships to discover that our world is not the scary place that the mass media portrays it to be.” –April Choi

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