Mother and Sperm Donor Marry FB Alminah Hart

Imagine a couple meeting for the very first time, yet their daughter was already a year old.

The happy duo was conceived despite odds as unlikely as a sperm cell reaching an egg.

Londoner Aminah Hart was single at age 42 but wanted a child. She turned to a sperm bank to help with In Vitro Fertilization and selected the donor from three anonymous candidates.

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After baby Leila was born, Aminah became increasingly curious about the father and tried to contact him anonymously through the IVF register.

10,000 miles away, Australian cattle farmer Scott Andersen was under no obligation to be in touch with the baby and her mother, especially since the girl was a minor, but she looked so much like his four other children from two previous marriages, he wanted to meet her right away.

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Aminah and Scott met for the first time in Melbourne, Australia just days after Leila’s first birthday. The first meeting went so well, they started getting together every few weeks until they fell in love.

One night Scott left to pick up some milk at the store, but came back with an engagement ring instead.

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Aminah has recounted the ‘back to front’ love story in a new book, “How I Met Your Father,” which is already set to become a movie — with the most unusual “meet-cute” ever seen on the screen.

(WATCH the video below from ABC News) — Photo: Aminah Hart, Facebook

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