The world’s first Museum of Happiness is set to open its doors in September.

Though the Museum of Happiness has been a nonprofit organization for the last two years, they haven’t actually had a permanent location. The volunteer team has simply organized pop-up events, classes, and workshops for drop-in participation.

After successfully raising over $36,000 in one month, however, the organization is set to open up their physical museum at Arlington House – the UK’s biggest homeless hostel in Camden, London.

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“Three years ago, the Museum of Happiness was an idea discussed on summer strolls around Hyde Park. We wanted to offer a sanctuary where people of all ages and backgrounds could come together to feel safe, peaceful and happy and learn about their own wellbeing,” says the museum team.

One year later, the happiness crew started hosting workshops for all kinds of things: mindfulness origami, laughing yoga (yes, it’s a thing), ukulele lessons, art, and dancing.

“People from all over the world were coming to our events and asking, ‘where is the museum of happiness actually based? I want to bring my friends next week!’ We would sadly tell them it was folded up in a shed – which wasn’t exactly great for our image!”

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Assuming the museum can make enough money from memberships and general programs, the facility will be free to visit. Additionally, the museum team hopes to orchestrate several outreach programs that can work in accordance with homeless shelters, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and youth centers.

Considering that the World Health Organization says that depression is “the leading cause of disability worldwide, and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease”, it’s honestly surprising that a facility like this hasn’t come sooner.

“At the Museum of Happiness we offer tangible, science-based tools you can implement into your everyday lives. Our society needs such physical spaces like a Museum of Happiness to explore this vital skill, emotion and state of being in a secular way,” says the team. “Most importantly, we can run initiatives to bring people together to create friendships, have fun and find balance in a city of chaos, regardless of your background or belief system.”

If you want to volunteer or learn more about the museum, check out to their website.

(WATCH the video below)

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