obama-grphic-wave.jpgThe arrival of a new American president triggered joy and jubilation Tuesday in a world made weary by warfare, recession and fear.

From Kenya and Indonesia, where Barack Obama has family ties, to Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America, Obama’s inauguration sparked a volcanic explosion of hope for better days ahead.

The ascendance of the first African-American to the presidency of the United States was heralded as marking a new era of tolerance and possibility.
From Guyana to Ireland to Brazil, read about – and see photos – of all the repercussions around the world at AP)

In other news, Antigua plans to give the new US President its ‘top’ honour on his birthday: renaming its tallest peak Mount Obama. Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer says the Caribbean nation will rename Boggy Peak, as it is currently known, on 4 August to mark President Barack Obama’s 48th birthday.  (NPR has the story)


  1. And soar they should! This is truly the most politically positive change of our time. When President Obama won the election , I started a blog on my site (see the Gisele’s blog link at http://www.visionarease.com ), with the first post being about my experience as a child of 12, meeting my estranged grandmother for the first time. She was a dual citizen, and resident of Detroit. We went to meet her during the race riots in the summer of 1967, escorted by army vehicles through the chaos. We have come a long, long way. and I wish Zelda, my gran, was here to see it. Great article, Geri !

  2. certainly one of the most inspiring political stories in a long time. what’s even more moving, is the global effect this has had. I’ve been in London the last few weeks, and have noticed an enormous amount of anticipation from ppl of diverse backgrounds in the future of America. People are waiting for USD to Lead the way in this regard, and nothing could be more momentus for a country to be able to stake claim to such a change of leadership.

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