Nefeterius McPherson at a football gameA fifth-generation Texas lawyer (pictured) wore West Virginia colors to the Univerity of Texas football game recently in honor of the 12 year-old organ donor who saved her life.

When Nefeterius McPherson, 38, learned that her liver donor was a young girl who had died of a brain hemorrhage, she suddenly felt terrible about receiving the transplant.

“I never thought my donor could be so young. How could I be happy about the transplant when I knew a family was mourning the loss of their child, their baby?” she said.

McPherson couldn’t wait to reach out to Taitlyn Hughes’s family, but before she could, Taitlyn’s mother sent the first letter.

When they met, the young girl’s mom was amazed at how similar McPherson was to her daughter. For starters, they both were wild college football fans.

Since writing about the touching story, McPherson has moved many people who have shared her Facebook tribute page and helped raise awareness of the importance of organ donation.

(READ the story from the West Virginia Gazette)

Thanks to Virginiamarie Newcome for sending the link! – Top photo: Nefeterius McPherson

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