Imagine an elderly choral group of singers aged 73-100. Now imagine that group belting out songs by the Rolling Stones, The Clash or Talking Heads. Meet The American Young @ Heart Chorus. It was started in 1982 by seniors in a home for the aged in Northampton, Massachusetts, and included elders who’d lived through both World Wars. Today, watch as they perform a song by New York punk band, The Ramones, called “I Want to Be Sedated.” (How cool is that!… They even have a MySpace page.)

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Performing live on stage, their version of Cold Play’s Fix You is extremely touching.

And for something really wacky, here’s the best cover version
of a Sonic Youth song ever: Schizophrenia


The Web site of The American Young @ Heart Chorus

(Thanks to a friend, Fleet, for sending these links!)


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