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The (Surprisingly Upbeat) State of the World: Trends are Strikingly Positive

Civics and World - General

Photo by Sun StarRegular readers of the Good News Network know about these four major areas where global progress is heartening: War is on the decline, poverty is shrinking, women around the world find their lot improving and democracy is spreading.

Some might argue that the glass half-full perspective stretches credibility: "Only pessimists are regarded as intellectually serious," lamented New York Times columnist David Brooks a few years ago. But in this cover story, the Christian Science Monitor follows the indicators where they lead -- without opinion or predilection entering into the equation.

Several other trends not mentioned in this article are also striking: Crime has plummeted, generosity of nations and individuals have risen over decades, and drug use and smoking is down.

(READ the story from CS Monitor)

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#1 bivvy 2011-12-29 14:03
Excellent to hear and what I already knew being a small part of GNN. A happy new year to all.

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