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Paying Tribute: A Sea Otter Who Raised 13 Orphan Pups and Inspired State Law for her Species

Earth - General

Otter named Toola - Monteray Aquarium photoToola, a renowned sea otter at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, recently ended an 11-year career in which she raised 13 orphaned otter pups and inspired a law to help her wild relatives.

After she had been found in the wild, stranded and suffering from a parasitic brain infection spread by cat feces, she began regular treatments at the aquarium for seizures and was likely never to return to her native waters.

But just when things seemed darkest for Toola, an orphaned sea otter pup had arrived at the aquarium. Toola soon became the first otter ever to serve as a surrogate mother for a stranded pup, teaching it valuable sea-otter skills like dissecting crabs and opening clamshells with rocks.

(READ the tribute by Russell McLendon in

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I have a 7 year old son and we don't watch TV, listen to the news, or read newspapers because so much of it is negative and full of pain and hate -- things his little body does not need.  I am SO thrilled to be able to show him stories on your Website and talk to him about the positive, Good work that is occurring here on Earth.  You have given me a safe place where I can allow my son to browse and follow the stories that interest him.  Thank you! - Esther Colwell   
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