Good News in History, November 27

Good News in History, November 27

Happy Birthday to Bill Nye “the Science Guy” who turns 60 today. Nye, a science educator, comedian, and author is best known as the host of the PBS children’s science show, Bill Nye the Science Guy. (1955)

After university studies at Cornell, the DC-born mechanical engineer, who wanted to be an astronaut, got his start at Boeing where, among other things, he starred in training films and developed a hydraulic pressure resonance suppressor for the 747. Check out his new book, Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World.  Watch Nye explain how he became The Science Guy… (Photo credit: NASA)

MORE Good News on this Day:

  • The first elected representatives were called to Westminster by King Edward I, gathering for the first “Model Parliament” (1295)
  • Alfred Nobel used his estate to establish the Nobel Prize (1895)
  • Jimi Hendrix was born “Johnny Allen Hendrix” in Seattle, Washington (1942)
  • The Royal Air Force began airlifts to flood-stricken Somalia (1961)
  • The UN Security Council agreed to the establishment of peacekeeping operations in Yugoslavia (1991)
  • Pope John Paul II returned the relics of Saint John Chrysostom to the Eastern Orthodox Church (2004)
  • Quebec was declared a nation within a unified Canada after the Canadian House of Commons passed Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s motion (2006)