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White House Secret Service Agents Come to Ducklings Aid

Inspired - General

secret-service-helps-ducklingsA mother duck and her ducklings visited the White House Wednesday, but the mom was the only one of the group big enough to jump the concrete barrier beneath the fence.

Her young ducklings were stuck milling about on the sidewalk below until armed guards came to the rescue.

Two uniformed Secret Service agents saw the separation and came to the ducklings' aid, lifting each baby through the fence.

Tourists gave the agents a big round of applause afterward.

(WATCH the video from NBC via the Rachel Maddow Show)



#1 pres68y 2012-03-23 10:29
It's nice to see White House guards actually helping life forms instead of the usual approach of making it more difficult for all.
#2 geri 2012-03-23 20:35
I know! I agree... (I used to work in the White House press corps and sometimes these authorities were a bit harsh, so I loved seeing this.)

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