Wee Robot Wanders the Streets To Raise Money For Charity (Video)

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robots-get-donationsThe future of fundraising may conjure visions of Star Wars.

Tim Pryde, a 21-year-old product-design student at the University of Dundee, in Scotland, built a small robot that travels through public spaces, relying on coin donations for charity into a slot on its back to keep moving. And, it works.

Mr. Pryde says he got the idea by watching the often-negative attitudes people had toward street fund raisers who make face-to-face solicitations in busy pedestrian areas.

(WATCH the video below, and READ the article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy)

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Thanks for the good "medicine"! I love the Good News Network: It is helping me become "me".
-Jackie B.

I just needed some good news for a change. Thank you. You've taken a bit of the edge off a blue day.

-Trevor in Canada

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